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Photo Gallery 2012

Photo Gallery 2012 Here you will find a collection of photographs from nature in Israel. All of the photo albums below were comprised of pictures SPNI received in it's 2012 Photo Competition. Each photographer has received credit for their work and their photos are scattered throughout


Achziv Achziv Field School sits on Israel's breathtaking northernmost Mediterranean coast in the heart of the "Achziv Beach" nature reserve in the Western Galilee. Achziv's underwater sea life is an unexplored territory, waiting to be discovered, rich with octopi, kalamari, and squ

Ecole Rurale Agricole de Meron

Nous n’avons pas eu beaucoup d’informations supplémentaires si ce n’est que cette Ecole Rurale Agricole, tout comme celle de Achziv préserve au maximum l’environnement qui l’entlésé. Toutefois, elle est située sur la montagne de Meron,

Ecole Rurale Agricole de Achziv

Ecole Rurale Agricole de Achziv Située à deux pas de la mer, cette Ecole Rurale Agricole (école de terrain) héberge des familles, des jeunes ou des groupes dans un but bien défini : la sensibilisation à la nature. C’est pourquoi, comm

Knesset Committee Deliberates Long-Dormant Achziv Beach Plan

Knesset Committee Deliberates Long-Dormant Achziv Beach Plan June 29, 2016 A development plan drafted in 1994 called for the construction of numerous hotels and 1,600 single-unit homes to be built right next to Achziv Beach near Nahariya. Today, activists and representatives fr