From Sweden To The Negev

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Drawing Inspiration from her native Sweden and her Negev surroundings Sara Kallus created a unique jewelry collection, Naturally Silver

Born and raised in Sweden, Sara Kallus has made her home in Mitzpeh Ramon. Gathering inspiration from the wooded landscapes of her childhood and the stark vistas of the Negev, she created a unique line of jewelry, Naturally Silver. Naturally Silver, uses small pieces of natural Israel, while giving back to Israeli nature in a big way. Sara has pledged 70% of the proceeds from the collection to the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel.

Sara began her life in the Swedish countryside. Born to a Swedish mother and an Israeli father, she grew up with a strong connection to her natural surroundings. "I was raised to take care of nature." Sara explained that she often played outdoors, "We had a tree house in the forest, went skating on lakes and skiing in winter." She also described picnics in the forest after school with sandwiches and hot chocolate.

After finishing her education in Media Engineering at Midsweden University, Sara travelled to the French Alps. While working at a ski resort there, Sara met her future husband. When he returned home to Israel he regretted not exchanging details with the stunning blonde he had met on vacation. In true Israeli fashion he did not give up, months later, he sent a friend visiting France to the ski resort to track down Sara and get her contact information. After a year cultivating a relationship across the distance, Sara made the leap and moved to Israel.

Although she had an Israeli father, Sara's move to Israel was not an obvious one. Sara grew up disconnected from the Jewish and Israeli communities in Sweden. After arriving in Israel, Sara continued to pursue her career in computers and IT. It was only when she started her family that she found a new direction in jewelry.

While pregnant with her first child Sara took a course in silversmithing. She began designing simple, light, silver pieces with the clean lines typical of Swedish taste. "I couldn't find the style of jewelry I was looking for in the shops in Israel," Sara said. "I want my jewelry to be light weight, comfortable and all-around."

After receiving complements from friends and strangers alike, Sara was encouraged to embrace her new hobby full time and start selling her jewelry. Her success with NAKI Design led her to want to give back to Israel. "It really hurt me when I came here, the lack of education when it comes to preserving the environment," Sara explained. The urge to do a project that would allow her to give back led Sara to the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel.

The Naturally Silver collection is a unique collection designed to help support the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel. Small pieces of Israeli nature are carefully selected, leaves are put in a bath of electrolytic solution to deposit silver on the surface, twigs have been selected, molded and worked into bracelets, rings and earrings, each creating a one of a kind piece of jewelry, with a small part of Israel at the core.

Wearing Sara's Naturally Silver collection connects you to the Land of Israel and reminds you of the country's precious natural beauty. The clean lines of the collection combine Sara's wintry forested heritage with the textured, broad expanses of the desert she has made home.

Today Sara lives in Mitzpeh Ramon with her husband and two children. They are expecting a new addition to the family this winter.

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