Jerusalem Environment and Nature Conference: Biodiversity

Lawrence Kasmir
The focus of the 7th Annual Jerusalem Environment & Nature Conference was biodiversity

60 Years of Nature Protection in Israel: What’s next?

In many ways it felt appropriate that the day after the passing of Azaria Alon, the forefather of Israel’s environmental movement and co-founder of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI), SPNI pondered the question “What’s next for Israeli nature” at its 6th Annual Jerusalem Conference. The picture emerging from the various panels is that 60 years of environmental activities has kept Israel’s biodiversity in relatively good shape; but that many threats and challenges exist that leave no room for complacency. Perhaps the best hope will be the publication, in 2015, of Israel’s National Biodiversity Masterplan, with much energy at the conference spent discussing what it should include.


After a moment of silence in memory of Azaria Alon, MK Amir Peretz took the stage. The Israeli Minister for Environmental Protection delivered a passionate speech attacking the government’s plans to build a railway to Eilat and Interior Minister Gidon Sa’ar for appointing 5 new members to the Park and Nature Authority Council, who Peretz believes, were appointed to authorize the railway’s route through protected nature reserves. Amir Peretz left no doubt in the mind of any of the over 500 people in the audience that he will do everything in his power to prevent this ‘megalomaniacal’ project from becoming a reality and that he stands with us to protect Israel’s nature.


The other major statement came from SPNI CEO Moshe ‘Kosha’ Pakman officially announcing SPNI’s appeal to National Council for Planning and Building against the approval of plans for an enormous housing project on former Israel Military Industries land in the Sharon region. SPNI is appealing to the National Council for Planning and Building to totally reimagine their plans and include a park to preserve 373 plant species and contiguous open spaces in the Central Region. SPNI hopes “the park would protect the public’s natural assets and serve as a center for educational activities and public events for many residents.” This appeal embodied many of the ideas stemming from the conference of the need to protect open spaces and their contiguousness through national strategic planning.


Throughout the day experts from SPNI, Israel Parks and Nature Authority, Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, government ministries and the business world presented their ideas and debated planning reforms, environmental education, community engagement, urban nature, and the role of business in preserving biodiversity. There emerged a general consensus among the experts that Azaria Alon has left behind a healthy legacy. However, a lot of work remains for us and all Israelis to ensure that we and our children can enjoy a country with birds, butterflies and flowers. As in Azaria Alon’s famous sentiment, what is life without them really worth? 

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