Mother Nature is the Best Model

Quote from the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv

Nature through Art

Although nature is beautiful to see in person, different style of artists are able to help bring a new appreciation of our natural world to the public.  The Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv, is currently hosting two different nature photography exhibits.  The first exhibit is the International Nature Photography Exhibition which contains gorgeous photos from all over the world.  These photos are broken down into several different categories based on the subject of the picture or the age of the photographer.  The other exhibit was the Local Nature Photography Exhibition which consisted of photos that were taken throughout Israel.  These photos showed not only the beauty of Israel but also Israel’s vast biodiversity.  The Local Nature Photography Exhibition was judged by a series of environmental experts that included many members of SPNI.

From the Nature of Material Exhibit at the JBO


Another form of art that is using nature as a model is sculpting.  The Jerusalem Bird Observatory was hosting the Nature of Material exhibit.  This exhibit was created by the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Department of Ceramics and Glass.  The sculptures were of various aspects and interpretations of nature.  


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