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Foxes playing around

"Big Brother"- SPNI version! For the first time in Israel, SPNI installs night vision cameras in the natural environment of animals in order to learn about their behavior without disrupting their daily routine.

Many of the travelers throughout Israel have heard time and and time again of the leopards, foxes, or rare animals that are lurking close by. All though our travel guides mean well, we almost never actually see the animals. There are, of course, exceptions, such as the abundance of ibex at beautiful reserve in Sde Boker, doubling as David Ben Gurion's burial place. 

Several months ago, the Mammal Department of SPNI decided to make it possible for guides and travelers alike to experience the animals that we usually read about in the books, such as the infamous "cliff fox" which was recently discovered to still be in existence, thanks to our cameras.

Under the Mammal Department's direction, SPNI guides began installing special, high-resolution cameras which would follow the daily lives of animals in Israel, all without disturbing their daily routines. The cameras are installed in distant places known to be on the paths of wildlife, where there is little or no disturbance. Their placement in natural habitats allows us to learn more about local wildlife and share images with the world. 

Environmental Education in Gush Halav takes a fun twist

In the heart of the Upper Galilee, an elementary school in the northern village of Gush Halav decided to launch an educational project whose goal was to connect and learn about the local environment. As a team effort of our Mammal Department, the Gush Halav Elementary School, and the Western Galilee Eco-Community Center, the students researched and surveyed the natural forest surrounding their community through special night-vision cameras that were installed in the natural environment of local wildlife. One of the higlights of the project was a full photo album of a family of foxes. 

To see the full photo album, click here

We'd like to congradulate the 5th grade class of the Gush Halav elementary school for their marvelous effort!

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