The Battle for Titura

View from Titura

2178 Years after the Maccabbees, their land is part of a new conflict

After a short car ride Drew, Judith, and I arrived in Modi'in.  The purpose of our trip was simple, to learn about SPNI's urban community branches called kehilot.  Little did I know, I was walking into a place of rich history and passion.  We were greeted by Tali and a devoted volunteer named Hadas.  We sat around a small table and discussed where we would visit for the day and the current development projects going on in the Modi'in-Reut area.  Tali was very excited to explain discuss a hill that SPNI had successfully protected from the development plans; this hill is called Titura.

Titura is a hill that is on the edge of Modi'in where the only building visible on the hill is a water tower.  However, Titura also has a rich history.  This hill is rumored to have been inhabited by the Maccabbees and where the successful revolt that we celebrate during Hannukah.  This hill is also the location of another important battle, the battle to preserve it.  Modi’in was going to expand and plans were drawn up that would cause development to occur on Titura.  The people who lived next to the hill and enjoyed looking at it everyday were strongly against losing a beautiful sight.  With the help of SPNI, a new plan was created that would save the hill.  After seeing Titura in person, I understood why they wanted to protect it so badly.  From the top of the hill you can see most of Modi’in and if you face the other direction you see a beautiful landscape.

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