The Holy City's Urban Nature

SPNI opens the Gazelle Valley, Israel's first Urban Nature Park

Rebirth of the Holy Land

Tikkun Olam, repairing the world, is an important part of Judaism and there is no better example of this commandment at work than the community gardens of Jerusalem.  During my time in Jerusalem, I was able to see four different community gardens that were thriving with life.  These gardens were sitting in areas that were previously barren.  This land had been destroyed and discarded by development and either left desolate or filled in with trash.   It was inspiring to see how the different neighborhoods became fed up with those areas and worked with SPNI to cultivate the land.  Colorful gardens emerged from bleak areas.  

One garden was previously a small landfill.  The people that lived nearby not only built a garden, but also used the materials there to build ovens, arches, and artwork.  They held festivals and community gatherings in their newly built garden.  

It wasn’t just the land that was reborn; it was the community as well.  Communities were brought closer together.  Schools taught children the importance of building something from nothing through the gardens.  Those that were retired had an activity that gave them a sense of purpose.

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