Welcome to the Gazelle Valley

Lawrence Kasmir
SPNI opens the Gazelle Valley, Israel's first Urban Nature Park

Lawrence Kasmir enjoys the opening of the Gazelle Valley

Thousands of families, young couples, grandparents and grandchildren were drawn by the advertisements displayed all over the city to celebrate the official opening of the Gazelle Valley, Jerusalem’s newest park, and SPNI’s latest success story.

Walking through the valley during the official opening celebration, on the afternoon of Monday 30th March, I watched and heard a cross-section of Jerusalem’s residents marvel at the wonderful nature on display in their newest park. If I hadn't been in the company of thousands of other people, I imagined this is what the Garden of Eden would have been like.

Israel’s first lady Nehama Rivlin and Jerusalem’s Mayor Nir Barkat both spoke and gave their blessings to the newly opened Gazelle Valley, recognizing it as a major victory for the public and SPNI over vested interests who wanted to exploit it for real estate profits.

Elsewhere throughout the valley 24 different activity stations, for all ages, were being held including SPNI run birdwatching and nature workshops, arts and crafts, storytelling, board games, and a dance party with giant recycled puppets. Along the paths musicians were performing including the Jordan Valley Mondolin Orchestra, 2 choirs, percussionists, string quartet, and a harpist creating a calm and sophisticated atmosphere.

The Gazelle Valley has been designed so one section is exclusively for the resident gazelle (currently 5 but more will be introduced soon), with the other park full of newly blazed trails for human visitors. The Rakefet stream that flows down from Jerusalem’s neighborhoods is collected and purified in 4 pools along the length of the valley before filling a new half-acre pond. We expect that within a few years the pond will become a beacon for migrating water birds.

Now the Gazelle Valley is officially opened we invite you visit and see what the fuss is about for yourself. The Gazelle Valley is located next to Tzomet Pat in Jerusalem and is open from 7am until sunset 7 days a week. Entry is free. 

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