"Israel is a tiny country" - we hear this statement all the time with reference to security issues, but the reality of Israel's tiny size is also an issue for the nation's relationship to its land and natural resources. Any visitor to Israel quickly realizes that the country has a beautiful array of scenery to behold, but rapid growth and poor planning are putting this all in jeopardy.
Far from its past as a collection of agricultural communities and small cities, Israel is now one of the densest and most urbanised countries in the world (For example, Israel has a denser population than either Japan, India, or Vietnam). This rapid development and high population density are putting an enormous strain on the land, its natural resources, and its ability to provide for its people. The last remaining natural and agricultural spaces in the country are quickly disappearing under roads, parking lots, and housing blocks. Unlike Canada, where loss of open space is not always apparent, the loss of open landscapes, forests, and agricultural communities is being felt every day in Israel.


Israel is also one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, and its flora and fauna have played an integral part in its history - as well as the history of its people - for millenia. Today, this biodiversity is rapidly disappearing, just like the land. SPNI and CSPNI work tirelessly to share an appreciation for our beautiful land and its natural features, but we need your help to ensure that this beauty is preserved!