Fish Responsibly

The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel is working to improve conditions in Israel's Mediterranean coastal waters.


The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel has partnered with local fishermen and marine conservation groups to launch our public campaign, Fish Responsibly. The campaign aims to reform fishing laws in the Mediterranean to improve marine eco-systems and help dwindling fish populations recover.

Israel's marine environments represent one fifth of the Israeli territory (inside the Green Line), some 1,525 square miles (3950 km2). Mediterranean waters are a unique habitat, hosting a rare spectrum of biodiversity. The Mediterranean also provides Israel with a variety of ecological services, necessary for Israel's citizens, including water for desalination, food, recreation, energy, etc. To balance these needs while preserving the environment requires comprehensive and integrated policies based on international standards. 

As part of this campaign, Alon Rothschild of SPNI's Environmental Protection Department wrote an open letter to the Knesset emphasizing the importance of fishery management. 

The Mediterranean Sea Is Becoming A Wasteland

Each day, the fish and environment of the Mediterranean Sea are being destroyed because of improper management of fisheries. The fish, fisherman that earn a living from those fish and the public at large are harmed by these flawed policies.

There are 22 sweeping trawler vessels that are responsible for all marine life in their nets, including turtles, dolphins and young fish. For each fish successfully caught, some 200 sea creatures are killed.

Nearly 100,000 protected sea creatures are killed each year - mostly by accident

Young fish that have not yet reproduced account for 70% of trawler hauls. What will we fish in the future?

Thanks to proper management, Turkey has 6 times the number of fish in their waters compared to Israel.

It is necessary to reform fishing laws governing the Mediterranean to minimize destructive fishing methods and improve conditions for the majority of fishermen. SPNI encourages the Ministry of Agriculture to enact a comprehensive law to curb bad practices and aid in rehabilitating the Mediterranean ecosystem.

This film was screened at our "Saving the Mediterranean" conference, part of the Fish Responsibly campaign.

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