By the broad natural bay of the Mediterranean Sea and the forested Carmel Mountains, Haifa is a supremely beautiful and complex city. One of Israel’s truly integrated cities, Haifa is home to people of many faiths and cultures. It also is comprised of a rich array of natural sites saddled alongside urban and industrial areas. The city boasts two national parks, meandering seashore, tumbling streams and rugged valleys.

This unique urban structure provides a challenge for environmental sustainability in Israel’s 3rd largest city, and also endangers major natural sites and habitats that are highly desired for future commercial development. Our community takes great care in tending to Haifa's urban nature sites. For example, we work in the wadis (patches of Haifa's characteristic urban nature) with volunteers from Israel and abroad to clean and maintain both the walking paths and the stretches of nature themselves- which are often littered with building refuse and household appliances that were not properly disposed of. 

Today, Haifa’s shore is dominated by a sea port, heavy industry and railway tracks. There are also serious topographical challenges. Together, these factors are clear obstacles to sustainable urban planning. To effectively address these issues, the Haifa Kehila has honed the ability to affect change on both local and regional environmental platforms. We work within the municipal departments in order to maintain Haifa's natural integrity. Our city planner sits on the municipal planning committee and when necessary, makes alternative propositions when plans are not according to optimum sustainability standards. 

The Kehila has worked to raise the levels of participation and professionalism in the community. The Kehila is active in promoting green education in schools and establishing community gardens throughout the city. 

Address: 90 Yafo Street, Haifa 33413

Telephone: +972 (0)4-855-3860