Apple growers use bats as biological pest control

Apple Growers Use Bats for Bio-Pest Control

Apple growers in Israel appear to have unwittingly enlisted the help of super-powered nighttime avengers in their battle against pests. Insectivorous bats, which are an effective alternative to chemical insecticides, defend the apple orchards not out of a sense of justice, but mostly because they offer a more bountiful bug buffet than do natural forests, a recently published study shows.

The study – published by the Israel Society of Ecology & Environmental Sciences Hebrew-language "Ecology & Environment: Journal for Science and Environmental Policy" – was conducted by researchers from Tel Hai Academic College, the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel’s Mammal Center and the Migal Galilee Research Institute.

Originally published in Ha'aretz
Photo: Yossi Yovel 

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