Australian 'super sprinter' seeks record with 1009 km run on Israel National Trail

Bowles, Aussie

Starting on Wednesday 17th April 2013 , adventure runner and philanthropist Richard Bowles will run over 80km each day along the 1009 kilometer Israel National Trail, described by National Geographic as one of the worlds most ‘epic trails’. The trail winds its way from Eilat in the southernmost part of Israel to Dan in the North, where Bowles plans to arrive just 12 days later on April 28.
Described as a hybrid of Bear Grylls and Forrest Gump, Melbourne based adventure runner Richard Bowles is set to create another record in the world of ultra-distance trail running, in one of the most fascinating countries on the planet. In 2012 he ran the worlds longest marked trail (5,330k National Trail, Australia) and a total of over 10,500km on trails.

Originally published in The Jerusalem Post

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