Braam Malherbe Visits Israel

Braam Malherbe speaks at the annual ceremony for Welcoming the Swifts back to their nests at the Western Wall

Braam Malherbe, the famous South African conservationist, visited Israel for a week and half at the end of May. During his trip he was hosted by SPNI for the Jerusalem Nature Walk, a 5 mile hike through some of Jerusalem’s most fascinating urban nature spots.

The Jerusalem Nature Walk included a tour through the newly opened Gazelle Valley, bird ringing at the Jerusalem Bird Observatory and the annual ceremony to mark the return of the swifts to their nests in the Western Wall. Shmuel Rabinovitch, the Rabbi of the Western Wall, and Doron Almog, the Chairman of the Hoopoe Foundation, were also in attendance at the ceremony. The walk raised awareness of nature conservation in the city as well as SPNI's current battle as part of the Alliance of Strengthening Jerusalem and Protecting the Hills Around It.

Braam Malherbe releases a newly ringed bird at SPNI's Jerusalem Bird Observatory

Braam was in Israel to promote his ‘Do One Thing’ initiative which aims to help individuals get involved in environmentally friendly acts. This was his first visit to Israel, during which he visited a variety of other conservation, tourist and religious sites including the Ramat Gan Safari Park, Masada and the Negev. 

We thank Professor Yossi Leshem for organizing Braam’s visit.