Central District Planning Committee to Consider Transforming Palmahim Shoreline into National Park

For nine years there has been a debate about building resorts on the Palmahim Beach.  The controversy started in 2004 when developers and the Israel Lands Authority signed an agreement giving the developers the rights to the land.  Protests against the construction gained steam in 2009 when the State Comptroller’s Office denounced the building of a resort village in a published report.  Due to mass protests, in 2010, the government required that the planning institutions reexamine their plans.  After failure of arbitration to bring about an agreement, the developers submitted their project to the Central District for Planning and Building.  SPNI along with organizations such as Adam Teva V’Din and Green Course gained the support of over 7,000 individuals in opposition to the development project.  The Israel Nature and Parks Authority and the Environmental Protection Ministry presented an alternative plan to turn the Palmahim Beach into a nature reserve and national park.

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