Fishermen & Environmentalists Work Together To Reform Fishing

SPNI Is Working With Fisherman to Improve Fisheries Management

The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel has teamed up with fishermen and other environmental protection organizations to promote legislation that will improve the management of marine life and habitats in the Mediterranean Sea.

Research showed that about 100,000 protected marine creatures are being killed each year due to current trawling practices.

Proper management is estimated to a 40% increase in fishing catches and a 40% increase in revenue for the majority of Israeli fishermen. The size and quality of their catches will also improve.

Reforms to fisheries will require the input of the Ministry of Agriculture which says it is working on a more comprehensive bill that will apply to all national waters. 

SPNI looks forward to seeing new legislation sooner than later. Mediterranean habitats continue to suffer under current practises with implications for the long term.

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