From Renewable Energy to Grey Water Usage, Major Parties Go Green

SPNI released survey results showing that 75 percent of the 500 participants considered environmental issues important to their quality of life and 71 percent felt that it was important knesset candidates have environmental plans as part of their platform.  There are many similarities in each party’s approach to the different issues which range from the water sector to the transportation sector.   In relation to the water sector, most of the parties supported further wastewater treatment.  When it comes to energy, the major parties stated their support of implementing and researching renewable energy sources.  Slight differences arose when discussing the amount of renewables that should be used by the year 2020 and how to integrate this energy into the electrical grid.  When discussing natural gas, most of the major parties supported some amount of exportation while Yesh Atid and Meretz opposed any exportation.  Other issues that were also discussed were recycling, pollution penalties, transportation, preservation, animal rights, and the if the previous Knesset was successful at protecting the environment.

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