Important Update: SPNI's Policy on Leviathan Gas Rig

Photo Ohad Tirosh

The Ministries of Energy and Environmental Protection accepted the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI) and Adam Teva V'Din demand to establish a professional team that will supervise and monitor the development of the Leviathan gas rig, which is currently being constructed 10 kilometers from the shore.

This special team will be led by the Ministry of Energy and include representatives from other relevant government offices, environmental organizations, local municipalities and the public, with the goal of monitoring the impact of the gas rig on the environment, the marine ecosystem and the air in order to ensure that all environmental regulations are met – without exception – during the rig's construction and later during gas production.

The team will meet periodically, beginning with an assembly just prior to the gas production phase and continue to assemble every few month to ensure that a proper production routine is established.

SPNI is genuinely concerned with the wellbeing of the Israeli public and believes that proper regulation, implementation and enforcement are paramount during Israel’s transition to utilizing natural gas as a main energy source.  We will continue to maintain a keen eye on public health, environment, safety and security throughout this process.

While the natural gas absorption infrastructure is important for improving air quality and reducing the mortality rate in Israel, we know that the public is unhappy with its exact placement.  SPNI will continue to work to ensure that the supervision, monitoring, regulation and safety systems in place for the production of Israel’s natural gas – on land or at sea – meet the highest standards and are performed with complete transparency and public inclusion.  To that end, we will facilitate a continuous discourse between the public, environmental experts and government representatives in the hopes of laying the groundwork for the safe, stable and optimal management of Israel's energy economy.

Our partner, Adam Teva V'din, echoes the sentiment:

“We believe transparency is key to ensuring that full factual data is presented to the public, securing optimal regulation and supervision according to environmental laws and the enforcement of the Clean Air Act.  We will continue to work with the Energy Ministry and other state authorities to promote a clean energy economy, the reduction of air pollution, and the ambitious goal of developing renewable energy resources – those that will be the safest for the public and the environment.”

SPNI is committed to functioning as an effective watchdog, representing the Israeli public, safeguarding our unique nature, and promoting sustainable development nationwide.