In Nature's Embrace

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Nahal Hek, Carmel

Speaker(s): Guided by staff from the Hof HaCarmel Field School
Contact: 057-200-3030

SPNI is offering a variety of trips during Hanukah 2014

Fun for the whole family! (Appropriate for all ages)

On the West side of the Carmel Ridge winds the beautiful Nahal Hek. The Israel National Trail meanders along the river offering stunning scenery. Toward the bottom the trail meets with a narrow, rocky stretch that provides breathtaking vistas of the region before leading into the beautiful Kdumim quarry.

For more details about the event and to reserve your spot, please contact SPNI's Teleteva Reservation hotline

All reservations must be made by phone: +972 57 200 30 30 (there will be an English option at the end of the message)

Reservation Code: 11200414

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