Meet the Strawberry Tree

Monday, April 21, 2014

Jerusalem area, coastal plain

Speaker(s): Guided by staff from the Shikamim Field School
Contact: 057-200-3030

Strawberry Tree - Credit Pazit Shvaid (click for Hebrew)

Fun for the whole family! (Appropriate for all ages)


There are many trees that sprout from the earth but the Eastern Strawberry Tree steals the show. Come to Nahal Ktalav to see for yourself, meet the Eastern Strawberry Tree, with its crimson red branches and trunk. Along the way, make acquaintance with ancient reservoirs, orchards and woods. Catch your breath, admiring the idyllic setting before finding yourself at the old Bar Giora train station.

For more details about the event and to reserve your spot, please contact SPNI's Teleteva Reservation hotline

All reservations must be made by phone: +972 57 200 30 30 (there will be an English option at the end of the message)

Reservation Code: 32104143

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