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Tristram's jird. Photo Yitzhak Cohen

The Threats to Israel's Ecological Corridors

May 1, 2019
Ecological corridors are a sequence of open natural areas, essential for preventing the extinction of animals and plants. Although the... Read more »

Johanna at Gazelle Valley Park. Photo Sivan Arbel

Of Gazelles and People: Behind the Scenes at Gazelle Valley Park

March 27, 2019
By Aya Tager While I’ve been to Gazelle Valley Park in Jerusalem countless times, I always discover something new with every... Read more »

Caesarea sand dunes. Photo Ya'acov Eini

A “Bio-Blitz” to Protect Israel’s Sahara Sands

March 21, 2019
The word "Sahara" immediately evokes images of an arid and barren expanse in furthest reaches of North Africa – sand dunes,... Read more »

Flamingos, Eilat. Photo Noam Weiss

SPNI’s Nationwide Urban Nature Week Celebration

February 27, 2019
From March 1-9, SPNI’s Urban Community Branches invite you to celebrate nature close to home!  Experience the beauty of... Read more »

Anemones. Photo Iris Arbel

True Romance: Made By Nature

February 20, 2019
By Omer Shapira, Gil Efrat and Aya Tager  During the month of February, stores stock up on roses and chocolates for the... Read more »

Roller. Photo Yoav Perlman, SPNI

Israel’s New Nature Photography Code of Ethics

January 27, 2019
Nature photography is a wonderful hobby and an important tool in raising public awareness and promoting the importance of nature... Read more »