PM: Oil Spill Under Control

Nearly one week after the disastrous oil spill in the Arava, Netanyahu tours the area...

Prime Minister Netanyahu insists that the Arava oil spill is under control as he tours the area of the Evrona Nature Reserve. Heavy rainfall has threatened to spread the oil over larger land surfaces, causing more damage, as well as washing oil into the Gulf of Eilat. 

Experts have found 430 acacia trees damaged by the oil spill. The deputy Director General of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority says it will take years to fully assess the damage and to understand how the delicate eco-system has been effected.

In the meantime, Netanyahu has appointed MK Ophir Akunis Environmental Minister. The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel praised the appointment, "Take care of the heavy pollution and the pollutants, so that a disaster like this will never happen again."

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