Illegal fishing of protected Guitar Fish. Photo by Roy Gvili.

Illegally Hunted Stingrays during Wildlife Protection Campaign in Haifa

December 23, 2015
A group from the SPNI’s Hof Hacarmel Field School visited the Shavit Fisherman Anchorage in Haifa to campaign against the hunting... Read more »

Elal Stream in the Golan Heights. Photo: Dov Greenblat

Hiking the Golan Trail

November 23, 2015
Back in 2006, the then director of the Golan Tourism Association, Israel Eshed, worked with the SPNI and the IDF to establish the Golan... Read more »

Oil Drilling in Golan Heights. Photo: Dov Greenblat

Oil Drilling Permit Extended in Golan

November 3, 2015
The Northern District Committee for Planning and Building approved a multi-year extension for Afek Oil and Gas to continue drilling for... Read more »

Tel Aviv Beach. Photo by Dov Greenblat.

International Beach Cleaning Day brings up lots of waste

September 20, 2015
Hundreds of volunteers cleaned beaches around the country as a part of the annual International Beach Cleaning Day, an effort to raise... Read more »

IEC Power Plant. Photo by Dov Greenblat.

Government to Slash Targets for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

September 20, 2015
The government is scheduled to vote on a 2030 greenhouse gas emissions reduction target of 25%. SPNI is applying a great deal of... Read more »

Dorcas Gazelle. Photo: Jonathan Meyrav

Israel's Gazelles May Soon Be Extinct

September 4, 2015
SPNI has long emphasized the need for open areas and ecological corridors for the survival of the native gazelle population. After... Read more »

Solar Farm. Photo by Dov Greenblat.

Finance Ministry Pledges to Reform Solar Energy Sector

August 31, 2015
Israeli Finance Ministry officials pledge to reevaluate policies deemed as obstructions to the advancement of the solar energy industry.... Read more »

Israel National Trail [Photo: Dov Greenblat]

Hikers? This read about the Israel National Trail is for you

August 27, 2015
  Inaugurated in 1995, the Israel National Trail (INT) is a 620 mile (1,009 km) trail that crosses the entire country from North... Read more »

View of Jerusalem [Photo: Dov Greenblat]

Grumpy Old Man Supports SPNI Campaign

July 2, 2015
SPNI is part of an important Campaign to protect Jerusalem's last remaining open spaces from rapacious developers. Read what a... Read more »

SPNI's Champions of the Flyway feature on Discovery Channel's Destination America

Champions of the Flyway on Destination America channel

June 8, 2015
The " Champions of the Flyway " birding competition, created by SPNI's expert ornithologists, was featured in this special the Birding... Read more »

SPNI was proud to contribute to the Discovery Channel's

SPNI & Discovery Channel Create "Birds of Israel" feature

June 1, 2015
On May 29, 2015 the Discovery Channel's Destination America aired a special feature on Israel's birds. Created with the help of SPNI's... Read more »

South African conservationist Braam Malherbe visits Israel, leads SPNI Nature Walk

Extreme Conservationist Visits Israel

May 21, 2015
Extreme Conservationist Braam Malherbe is visiting Israel for the first time. His global work protecting rhinos has brought him to the... Read more »

Google Street View cameras bring INT to life

Google Street View Cameras Bring INT Alive

May 5, 2015
Over the next three months, about 80 members of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel’s youth movement will take... Read more »

SPNI teams up with Google to capture the Israel National Trail

SPNI Teams with Google to Capture INT

May 5, 2015
The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel is set to work with Google to document the Israel National Trail, using the Internet... Read more »

SPNI celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Israel National Trail

Hot On the Trail

April 2, 2015
First inauguarated by The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel during the Passover holidays in 1995, the Israel National Trail... Read more »

SPNI's Israel Ornithological Center is counting migratory eagles

Spring Migration Starts Early for Eagles

February 9, 2015
Each year, thousands of eagles migrate over Israel. This spring the migration has come early, as the eagles leave Africa on their way to... Read more »

SPNI supports the decision of the appeals committee to preserve Nahsholim beach for public access

Appeals Committee Rejects Plans for Nahsholim resort

January 6, 2015
The appeals committee of the National Council for Planning and Building rejected a proposal to build a large resort complex at Nahsholim... Read more »