Restoring Hadera River

The Israel National Trail runs along the restored Hadera River
The Hadera River flows through about 50 miles of the Mediterranean coastal plain, flowing into the sea just north of Olga. The river suffered years of neglect and pollution due to accelerated urban development, turning into an ecological hazard. In 1982, after the construction of the power plant "Maor David" (now "Orot Rabin "), the decision was made to restore the western part of the river, from the Coastal Highway (Highway 2)  to the Mediterranean, and create a public park. The initiative was accomplished with the cooperation of the Israel Electric Company (IEC), the Jewish National Fund, the Israel Nature and Parks Authority and the Municipality of Hadera. 
The Heftsiba Farm was established in 1906. It was used for growing citrus until the First World War. The IEC renovated the farmhouse, openning the site to the public year round.
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