SPNI Launches ‘Israel National Trail Day’

Hike Israel National Trail in the Carmel area. Photo Dov Greenblat

Known as one of the world’s best and most beautiful long-distance hikes, the Israel National Trail (INT) stretches 1,100 km from Israel's Lebanese border up north all the way past Eilat in the south, close to Israel’s border with Egypt.  Blazed through a variety of natural and human landscapes by SPNI trail experts, the INT exposes hikers to numerous Israeli eco-systems and habitats, earning it a place among National Geographic’s 20 most epic hikes. 

In an effort to promote hiking and nature appreciation across Israel, the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel has established ‘Israel National Trail Day,’ an annual salute to the country’s world-famous national trail being celebrated for the very first time on Thursday, April 13, Chol Hamoed Pesach.

SPNI will inaugurate the first Israel National Trail Day by offering free guided nature hikes on selected routes across the country for groups, families and individual hikers of all ages.  In addition, SPNI will offer a variety of guided and recreational activities for the public to enjoy and experience along the trail.

Israel National Trail in Makhtesh Ramon. Photo Dov Greenblat.

"The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel sees great importance in exposing the Israel National Trail to the general public," said Dvora Volinitz, Director of Tourism Department at SPNI. "We initiated and established Israel National Trail Day to encourage people, Israeli residents or visitors, to set out and experience this unique trail first-hand, fall in love with the diversity of Israeli nature along the trail and act in order to preserve it."

Guided hikes will include routes passing through the Eilat Mountains, Makhtesh Ramon, the Ayalon Valley, Yarkon Park in Tel Aviv, the rehabilitated Hadera Stream, the lower section of the Carmel Mountain ridge, and the northern most section of Israel National Trail, known as the Dan Circular Route. 

Here’s to new traditions, epic trails and nature appreciation! 

For further details on guided hikes and activities (all free of charge)

please contact our call center +972-(0)3-6388688 or email: teleteva@spni.org.il