SPNI's Coalition to Save Jerusalem Hills recognized at Knesset Ceremony

Environmental Day at the Knesset

The “Alliance to Strengthen Jerusalem” coalition, spearheaded by SPNI, is a proud winner of a 2015 Green Globe award, alongside three major partners including Jerusalem municipality, for our ongoing campaign to protect the Jerusalem Hills from rampant urban development.

The Knesset (Israeli Parliament) has chosen to host the “Green Globe Award” for the third year in a row during Knesset Environment Day, held in conjunction with International Earth Day, celebrated in 175 countries.

The 13th annual awards ceremony, in the presence of Knesset speaker MK Yuli Edelstein and CEO of Environmental Protection Ministry is considered a peak event for the Israeli environmental movement and is orchestrated by Life and Environment, an umbrella organization of more than 100 environmental groups across Israel.  SPNI was represented at the “Green Globe” Award ceremony by Yael Elyashar, head of planning at SPNI Jerusalem Community Branch.

Hundreds of activists from dozens of environmental organizations from all over the country participated in a variety of discussions, such as Science and Technology Committee discussing the plan for the Dead Sea-Red Sea Canal project, Gender Equality and Women Empowerment Committee discussing climate change from a gender perspective, Finance Committee discussing taxation aspects for private energy production using solar panels and wind turbines, and many more.

Green Globe Award at Knesset Environmental Day

 The “Green Globe “Awards are given in 8 categories for excellence for environment protection activities to outstanding leaders and organizations working in Israel's non-profit sector, in municipalities, and in the business sector.  

This year's theme was the climate crisis which threatens Israel and all countries around the world, following COP21 Paris committee.

Over the last 2 decades the struggle to strengthen and preserve Jerusalem's landscape and natural assets has been high on the agenda of the environmental movement.

A growing housing crisis combined with aggressive, new, and less democratic planning institutions could have meant a decrease in public participation against development.  SPNI has worked tirelessly to spearhead the 'Alliance to Strengthen Jerusalem', making use of a range of educational and public activities, and legal strategies, to defeat assorted governmental plans for the Jerusalem Hills.     

Life and Environment also awards a 'Black Globe', recognizing a body whose threat to the environment is most extensive.  The dubious honor this year went to the Energy, Infrastructure and Natural Resources Ministry for "continual failure in managing the energy sector". Unfortunately, Knesset Speaker Edelstein did not allow the "Black Globe" to be presented at the ceremony.