Saving Makhtesh Ramon: Housing Minister Supports SPNI

Housing Minister Supports the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel

The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel was pleased to hear Housing Minister, Uri Ariel's decision to freeze the housing development planned at the edge of the Ramon Crater.

The neighborhood of private homes to be built on the cliff was first proposed in the 1990s. When the plans resurfaced in 2008, SPNI alongside local residents of Mitzpeh Ramon, protested the outdated initiative which would destroy the breathtaking vistas of the unique geological formation. Most recently, SPNI filed its objection to the project with the Southern District Planning Committee in September 2013, siting the environmental impact of construction so close to the crater cliff. (Read the September article.)

Support of Minister Ariel, is joyfully welcomed by SPNI and the residents of Mitzpeh Ramon. The crater is not only a beautiful landscape and important tourist destination for Israel, it also supports  rare wildlife in the Negev desert.

The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel looks forward to working with local residents and authorities to plan housing projects in other areas of this growing desert town. SPNI fully supports national and regional efforts to expand urban centers with sustainable development that will improve the quality of life for generations to come and preserve Israel's precious natural resources.

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