Barn Owls swoop into the Davos World Economic Forum


On January 22nd, 2016, Prof. Yossi Leshem (Tel Aviv University and SPNI) and Prof. Alexandre Roulin (University of Lausanne)    organized a 90-minute event "Birds Know No Boundaries - Cross-border Environmental Projects in the Middle East for People and Nature" within the framework of the World Economic Forum at Davos attended by 3,000 world leaders and leading economic experts.

Six projects were presented at the event, one of which is the use of Barn Owls as biological pest control agents in agriculture,a highly successful  regional project running in partnership with government, academic and public agencies, and enthusiastically received by the audience.

The exposure of our projects in this prestigious forum will no doubt significantly help the furthering of our vision.

Paul Winter playing  FLYWAYS at Davos