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UK SPNI The United Kingdom Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (UKSPNI) was founded in 1986, to help raise awareness and support for the work of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI), Israel's oldest and largest environmental organization.  Since 1953

Nature News

Nature News

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ch photographer has received credit for their work and their photos are scattered throughout our website.Nature Photographs of IsraelLandscapesFlowersAnimalsUrban NatureInstagram Images


can feel the sea's water on your skin and hear the rush of the waves. This is testament to Achiv's location in a unique ecosystem, filled with local animals and natural pools. A chain of small islands dot the coast, which creates a special natural landscape and a haven for the area's birds. The cli



Book Direct for SPNI

Book Direct for SPNI May 19, 2014 The Abraham Hostel in Jerusalem has launched a new Book Direct program, which shares some of its proceeds with charities, including the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel. By booking directly via the Abraham Hostel website visi


Biodiversity Israel is blessed with a rich variety of animals and plants, including many indigenous and endangered species, and is designated by conservationists as a world biodiversity hotspot. These hotspots are internationally recognized as the most important centers for global

SPNI Survey Finds Otters Critically Endangered

SPNI Survey Finds Otters Critically Endangered June 2, 2014 A survey published with the input of research from the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel found that the otter population throughout the country is dwindling, and in most places endangered. The survey invo

Success Preserving Holon Sand Dunes

Success Preserving Holon Sand Dunes May 19, 2014 The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel was please to learn that the National Planning and Building Committee supported SPNI's position, ordering the Municipality of Holon to preserve 4,000 dunams (1,000 acres) of sand

Invasive Species

Invasive Species Israel's natural landscape is at risk from plants and animals whose presence constitutes a serious threat to the natural flora and fauna of Israel. These plants and animals, which are not native to Israel, are called invasive species. Invasive specie


even harmful expansion threaten this very ecological corridor, which fosters the presence of a rich biodiversity and provides an open passage to wild animals.  SPNI’s efforts in Modi’in are particularly critical and relevant now while the hills and archaeological sites sur


campfire. Nighttime tours to the biblical city of Tamar (modern day Ir Ovot). Lectures: Birds, The Babblers research, the desert nocturnal animals, flash floods and more.  Recommended tours Babbler research tour: The Babbler has made its home in the Arava. This tour, led by&nbs


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Accountability Trustees: Michael Green John Levy   Accountability: UKSPNI is a registered charity in the United Kingdom and operates with according to the law. Charity Commission (link)

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