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Hermon Hermon Field School is located a 5 minute walk from the Banias River, which flows year round; the surrounding area is known for its network of crisscrossing streams. Hermon Field School also serves as tour guide headquarters for the Hermon region with trained nature guides offeri

Le repaire du lion devient vert

dhéré au projet, participant aux nombreuses activités organisées chez eux, par exemple : une visite guidée du Banias sur les hauteurs du Golan, le lancement de “Bourgeons de Nature” un programme destiné à former les adolescents sur le

Crisis Averted: Gushing Over Israel’s Governmental Water Bailout

dly nationwide.  After climate change and years of drought, Lake Kineret is at its lowest.  Famous for its wealth of water, the Dan and the Banias Streams that are the sources of the upper Jordan River, located in the Upper Golan between the Hula Valley and Mount Hermon, are at an unpreced

A River Runs Through It, Thanks to You

A River Runs Through It, Thanks to You November 12, 2020 Israel’s rivers and streams are modest by North American standards but provide essential “ecological services” for the healthy functioning of Israel’s environment.  Despite their importance, t