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Beer Sheva

Beer Sheva Beer Sheva is Israel’s fourth largest city and home to a diverse and challenging community of veteran Israelis, Bedouin, new immigrants and the special needs population. In response to their unique needs, the Kehila leads both general and community-specific initiatives.

Alon Tavor

Alon Tavor Alon Tavor Field SchoolThe Alon Tavor field school is situated at the foot of historic Mount Tavor in the heart of the lower Galilee, in the heart of one of Israel's most beautiful nature reserves. From the gates of the field school you can take a walking tour of the Beit Qes


Hazeva The Hazeva Field School is a gem in the desert- located at the very heart of the Middle Arava regional council. Known for its warm hospitality and quaint environment, the field school provides a rustic haven for any traveler- young and old. Hazeva is located on the main road 90,


Action As Israel's oldest NGO, and with its membership base of over 100,000 Israelis, SPNI has a reputation for achieving important environmental victories. SPNI has five Focus Areas: Education Environmental Protection Urban Environment Eco-Tourism Birding   CSPNI is currently fo

Nature Tours September - October 2017

Nature Tours September - October 2017 A Day with Birds of Prey – Birding TourThursday, September 22 We will highlight the migration of the Lesser spotted eagle and other birds of prey. Starting at the Ben Shemen forest, we will view the eagles as they rise from their night's slee

Hura, le siège des programmes pour les Bédouins de la SPNI

Hura, le siège des programmes pour les Bédouins de la SPNI Le département bédouin de la SPNI a célèbre l’ouverture de ses nouveaux bureau à Hura, ville bédouine située un peu au nord de Beerchéva.  Le programme b&eacu

Nature Tours and Vacations, September - October 2018

Nature Tours and Vacations, September - October 2018 Family Trips and Activities Saturday, September 22 – The Prehistoric Caves at the Nahal Me'arot Nature Reserve Take a guided tour of this important UNESCO listed cave network, which served as the home of prehistoric humans