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Who We Are

spaces are increasingly under threat of development. SPNI is working tirelessly with policy makers and with the public, in schools, youth groups and communities all over the country to create a sustainable future for Israel in the 21st Century. The Land of Israel, ancient and biblical, has a beauti

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habitats, flora and fauna that SPNI has worked for 60 years to protect and preserve.Urban Nature WeekSpring 2014From March 22 - April 3, SPNI's urban Communities and Eco-Community Centers around the country celebrated Urban Nature. With thousands of participants joining together and discovering pock

What We Do

nd proactive generation.    SPNI’s revolutionary vision for urban lifestyle in the 21st century is encapsulated by our Kehilot (Urban Communities), a hub for green activism, sustainable green living and higher quality of life in cities. Our Kehilot are managed locally with emphasis o

Birding Centers

re-flooded area of the Valley. The center specializes in ringing demonstrations, birding tours for all levels and ages, works with local schools and communities, and holds the International Hula Valley Bird Festival once per year.Ramat HaNegev Birding CenterManager: Meidad Goren Contact:


heir homeland and its precious natural legacy. SPNI's Tourism Department: offers eco-tourism experiences throughout the country. SPNI brings together communities, blazed and maintains over 14,000 km (9,000 miles) of trails including the 1,009 km (627 mile) Israel National Trail and provides guided t

Seasonal Ponds (Winter Pools)

e life they support. Preserved seasonal ponds function as destinations for local recreation, educational laboratories and 'green lungs' to developing communities. Get involved and make a difference!Would you or your community like to adopt a winter pond? Please contact us today for more informa

Education Department

re and heritage by educating the younger generation to safeguard the landscape of their homeland.SPNI nurtures young people's connection to their own communities, heritage and the Land, thus raising a sentinel generation that will appreciate, love and protect Israel's natural treasures. SPNI has alw


rael's Walk-About TraditionOrienteering, SPNI's youth movement, strengthens the connection of Israel's youth to the land, their heritage and to their communities by giving children the opportunity to explore Israel's wilderness. In Hebrew, we call this education "derech haraglayim - דרך הרגל

Kehilot: Urban Communities

Kehilot: Urban Communities SPNI's Urban Branches are also known as "Kehilot" (Communities in Hebrew) as they bring local communities together toward shared environmental goals. A revolutionary concept, each Kehila develops itself within the framwork of the needs of each individual commu

Tel Aviv-Yafo

rm and mobilize Tel Avivians, creating a local base of environmental strength. SPNI’s Tel-Aviv Urban Community is affecting change within local communities and building a stronger civil society with the goal of protecting nature and promoting a healthy environment.Major ActivitiesThe Tel Aviv

Beer Sheva

reas of natural interest. It provides residents of Beer Sheva with an ideal venue for sports, recreation, education and culture. In the rural Bedouin communities, even the most basic standards for public health and the environment continually fail to be met. With the country’s highest birthrat

Community Gardens

to develop a deep connection which evidence shows helps improve the community’s appearance and cleanliness. This activity brings residents and communities together and transforms patches of barren land into blossoming gardens.  In just under 15 years 300 Community Gardens have been estab


nbsp; Educating youth and adults about the importance of nature conservation, through joint programs with schools and parent groups in Negev Bedouin communities.   Assisting in the protection and preservation of the wildlife, flora, fauna, water, soils, and natural resources of Israel. &nbs


ful array of scenery to behold, but rapid growth and poor planning are putting this all in jeopardy.Far from its past as a collection of agricultural communities and small cities, Israel is now one of the densest and most urbanised countries in the world (For example, Israel has a denser population

Wetland Habitats

ct embraces the organization's ethos of "educate, love, protect" in order to conserve Israel's 69 remaining winter ponds. SPNI works with schools and communities in organizing local activities, bringing them to the ponds so that they can learn about the surrounding nature that is often overlooked. B