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Nature News Israel's Seaspiracy May 10, 2021 Seaspiracy in Israel  “The Blue Half”: SPNI’s Marine Project to Protect Nature and the Sea The... Read more » On Earth Day SP

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery Welcome to the beauty of natural Israel. These photos capture the natural habitats, flora and fauna that SPNI has worked for 60 years to protect and preserve.Urban Nature WeekSpring 2014From March 22 - April 3, SPNI's urban Communities and Eco-Community Centers around the

What We Do

srael’s native species, participating in planning and zoning committees, coordinating public campaigns, lobbying and advocacy.    Our Education Department manages and develops environmental programs for hundreds of thousands of young Israelis, in both formal and informal settings, in

Société Canadienne pour la Protection de la Nature en Israël

awareness and funds to support the activities of SPNI in Israel. SPNI is dedicated to working with all facets of Israeli population to provide nature education, stewardship of natural areas, research into environmental issues, and co-operative activism. Over 60 years of work, SPNI has become a house

Field Schools

most untouched nature, SPNI's field schools are the nature-lover's dream vacation sites. SPNI Field Schools provide accommodations, kosher dining and educational hiking and walking tours. Rooms must be reserved in advance. Families and young people from all over Israel and abroad come for our famous


of Nature in Israel (SPNI) works to protect the open spaces and preserve the biodiversity of the land of Israel through environmental activism, education and eco-tourism.   SPNI's Environmental Protection Department: works with government authorities and various organizations through


ks and Preserves system. Since then SPNI created a network of field schools, where Israelis and tourists have participated in guided hikes and nature educations program and tours throughout the country, for school children of all ages and for immigrants in their native languages. SPNI – Pionee

Major Victories

Major Victories So many of SPNI's campaigns to protect Israel's environment, promote sustainable development, nurture environmental education and love of the land, and conserve biodiversity have been successful that one might wonder what our secret is! Check out SPNI's Victory Map, ask

Education Department

Education Department Educating for the FutureThe Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI), Israel's oldest and largest non-governmental environmental organization, has been working for over 60 years to protect Israel's nature and heritage by educating the younger generation


youth to the land, their heritage and to their communities by giving children the opportunity to explore Israel's wilderness. In Hebrew, we call this education "derech haraglayim - דרך הרגליים"which translates into "the foot path." Practically, it means that there is no better way to learn

Environmental Education

Environmental Education Environmental Education in Public SchoolsExpanding upon children's natural curiosity, we have created a rich variety of experiential programs for grades 1-9 that encourage children to explore and discover nature's bounty.  Kids love playing and adventur

A Beautiful Israel

A Beautiful Israel Launched in 2006 with support from the Schusterman and Pratt Foundations, this anti-littering educational project teaches children to take direct responsibility for the environment. SPNI believes that littering and neglect of the environment and nature is not an indiv

Tel Aviv-Yafo

beyond the physical boundaries of Tel Aviv. We cooperate with surrounding cities on topics such as city planning, community gardens and environmental education programs. Examples of cities include: Holon, Bat Yam, Bnei Brak, Givatayim, Ramat Gan, Hertzelia, etc.  Green Forum –


he "Kehila" has taken an active role in the community by promoting urban nature sites, tourism, urban planning, environmental activities, ecologiocal education and more. SPNI-Jerusalem played a pivotal role in the Gazelle Valley Urban Nature Park, and in preventing the a notorious development plan i


for Modi’in.The Modi’in Kehila’s outreach activities include: ♦ SPNI's Modi'in community is involved in every aspect of environmental education, from prgrams in schools and kindergartens to extracurricular activities and afterschool programs. ♦ Orienteering, SPNI's youth moveme