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Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery Welcome to the beauty of natural Israel. These photos capture the natural habitats, flora and fauna that SPNI has worked for 60 years to protect and preserve.Urban Nature WeekSpring 2014From March 22 - April 3, SPNI's urban Communities and Eco-Community Centers around the

Photo Gallery 2012

Photo Gallery 2012 Here you will find a collection of photographs from nature in Israel. All of the photo albums below were comprised of pictures SPNI received in it's 2012 Photo Competition. Each photographer has received credit for their work and their photos are scattered throughout


Haifa By the broad natural bay of the Mediterranean Sea and the forested Carmel Mountains, Haifa is a supremely beautiful and complex city. One of Israel’s truly integrated cities, Haifa is home to people of many faiths and cultures. It also is comprised of a rich array of natural

Community Gardens

hborhood and now serves as a center for after-school activities for at-risk youth. The Gan Eden garden serves the Ethiopean immigrant community. HaifaZeitunThis garden replaced a mound of garbage that was a permanent fixture in this neighborhood. The garden now serves as a platform for communit

Planning Department

h the values of sustainable development, preservation of open spaces, and public health.   SPNI Regional Representatives: North Region (exluding Haifa)- Yohanan Darom Haifa Region- Yael Lavie Efrat Central Region (excluding Tel Aviv)- Moshe Perelmuter Tel Aviv Region- Yael Zilbershtein Jerusale

Urban Nature

is adapting. The study takes a year to ensure information is gathered for each season. Urban nature surveys have already been completed in Jerusalem, Haifa, Be’er Sheva and Ashdod. They can be found in Hebrew 2. Determining Policy: In conjunction with S

From the Director

From the Director 2012 was a year of intensive action for SPNI's Haifa Community. Regularly scheduled preservation activities were carried out in the Wadis, Urban Nature Infrastructure Surveys were carried out and provided a wealth of new data to inform our decision makers, teachers and

Urban Nature Week 2014

Urban Nature Week 2014 Urban Nature WeekSpring 2014From March 22 - April 3, SPNI's urban Communities and Eco-Community Centers around the country celebrated Urban Nature. With thousands of participants joining together and discovering pockets of green in their own neighborhoods.

The Urban Way

work from organizations such as SPNI, this trend is starting to change.  There are now over 100 parks in cities such as Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa.  In addition to parks, there is growing investments in creating bicycle paths in Tel Aviv.  These advancements are just the beginning

Initiative for protection of the Collared Pratincole in Israel

tion from these cameras will assist us greatly in better managing the protection program in the future. This year, Ms. Liraz Cabara, M.Sc. student at Haifa University, sponsored by the JNF and the Hoopoe Foundation aims to uncover the factors that influence the Pratincoles' choice of nesting grounds

The "Green Hive" aims to shape 2013 municipal elections

and other approaches and platforms of engaging new audiences. At the end of the event, the head of the local SPNI offices in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa, gave an overview of the numerous projects that they run and successful examples for environmental campaigns were analyzed. The positive conclus

Expansion Plans for Haifa Port Approved as Greens Call for Further Research

Expansion Plans for Haifa Port Approved as Greens Call for Further Research February 24, 2013 Plans to expand the Haifa Port have been approved by the National Building and Planning Council and the Coastal Environment Protection Committee.  The plan was created by the Isra

A Vision of Open Beaches

A Vision of Open Beaches October 2, 2013 On Monday, September 30th, the Haifa District Planning and Building Committee ruled against a plan to expand the Carmel Beach Towers. The plan required reclaiming land from the sea in order to uphold the Coastal Law, which SPNI successf

Train to Eilat Moving Forward Despite Appeal of Environmental Minister

ans for the train began in February 2012 with the intention of connecting the Eilat Port on the Red Sea to Israel's Mediterranean ports in Ashdod and Haifa. Current plans do not detail how the line will connect to the Eilat Port. How the train line will connect with Mediterranean ports is also uncle

Azaria Alon, Forefather of Israeli Conservationism, Passes

His family immigrated to Israel in 1925, settling in Moshav Kfar Yehezkel in the Jezreel Valley. In 1932, the Alon family moved to Kiryat Haim, near Haifa. At the age of 20, Alon returned to the Jezreel Valley to join Kibbutz Beit HaShita, where he would live for the rest of his life. In 1952, Alon