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Nature News Israel's Seaspiracy May 10, 2021 Seaspiracy in Israel  “The Blue Half”: SPNI’s Marine Project to Protect Nature and the Sea The... Read more » On Earth Day SP

Who We Are

Who We Are Israel's Environmental PioneersEducate. Love. Protect.The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI) is Israel's oldest and largest environmental non-profit organization. For over 60 years, SPNI has been dedicated to protecting and preserving Israel's natural resou

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery Welcome to the beauty of natural Israel. These photos capture the natural habitats, flora and fauna that SPNI has worked for 60 years to protect and preserve.Urban Nature WeekSpring 2014From March 22 - April 3, SPNI's urban Communities and Eco-Community Centers around the

Photo Gallery 2012

Photo Gallery 2012 Here you will find a collection of photographs from nature in Israel. All of the photo albums below were comprised of pictures SPNI received in it's 2012 Photo Competition. Each photographer has received credit for their work and their photos are scattered throughout

Israel National Trail

Israel National Trail Inaugurated in 1995, the Israel National Trail (INT) is a 680 mile (1,100 km) trail that crosses the entire country from North to South. The trail was blazed through a variety of natural and human landscapes, exposing hikers to Israel's many eco-systems and habita

Birding Centers

Birding Centers Hula Valley Bird Watching CenterManager: Nadav YisraeliContact:  Nestled in the heart of the Hula Valley, between the Golan Heights and the Naftali Ridge, lays the Hula Valley Bird Watching Center. The center operates a unique bird ringing

Jerusalem Green Map

Jerusalem Green Map The Green Map is a quick and easy resource for discovering Jerusalem's urban cultural, zoological and nature sites. To check out the Green Map, Click here!  After years of planning SPNI re-launched an English version of the online green map of Jerusalem. T

Beit Ussishkin Museum

Beit Ussishkin Museum Beit UssishkinThe Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel owns and runs the Beit Ussishkin museum.While touring the Galilee, don't miss SPNI's Beit Ussishkin Museum, a unique nature museum telling the story of nature, geography and archaeology in the lush Ga

Israel's Other Air Defense Problem

Israel's Other Air Defense Problem April 3, 2013 Times of Israel exclusive: In the 1990s, ten mynas escaped a cage in central Israel and began to breed. Other aggressive tropical birds were introduced here by well-meaning amateurs. Today, the swelling population of foreign inv

Book Direct for SPNI

Book Direct for SPNI May 19, 2014 The Abraham Hostel in Jerusalem has launched a new Book Direct program, which shares some of its proceeds with charities, including the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel. By booking directly via the Abraham Hostel website visi

Australian 'super sprinter' seeks record with 1009 km run on Israel National Trail

Australian 'super sprinter' seeks record with 1009 km run on Israel National Trail April 9, 2013 Starting on Wednesday 17th April 2013 , adventure runner and philanthropist Richard Bowles will run over 80km each day along the 1009 kilometer Israel National Trail, described by


Jerusalem In Israel's capital of Jerusalem lies SPNI's largest urban branch (kehila). SPNI-Jerusalem was founded in 1963 by a group of dedicated nature conservationists, making Jerusalem the oldest and largest of the urban branches.Throughout the years the "Kehila" has taken an active r


Modi'in Modi’in, nestled halfway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, is a young and rapidly growing city, sitting on a main ecological corridor. As a result, the plans for development, and even harmful expansion threaten this very ecological corridor, which fosters the presence o

Community Gardens

Community Gardens Neighborhoods in poorer parts of Israel’s cities are densely populated, have few open spaces and are characterized by dirt and neglect. Residents are generally marginalized, from low-socioeconomic backgrounds or are immigrants to Israel from poor countries. They


Publications SPNI's Three Year Work Plan for Environmental Protection - 2021-23 SPNI employs the largest team of independent environmental experts in Israel. Together they work on both national, regional and local issues to protect Israel's open spaces, ecological corridors and biodiver