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e. Israel is blessed with a wide array of biodiversity. It is home to some 2,800 species of plants, more than 500 species of birds and 100 species of mammals. Located along the African-Eurasian flyway, Israel hosts over 500 million migrating birds twice each year. Israel is designated as a biodivers

Nature News

Nature News

Hula Valley Bird Fesitval

he final days are devoted to the magical, bird rich Negev desert. Our festival tours usually see around 200 species of birds and around 15 species of mammals!  For more details,click hereHula Valley Birds Festival 2017

Mammal Conservation

Authority, Universities and zoos we carry out cutting edge research and develop new techniques and approaches to protect Israel’s wild, native mammals.    With our partners we conduct ambitious conservation and reintroduction projects for these fascinating creatures. Background

Batcave Endangered

abandoned military posts in the Jordan Rift Valley, likely burying hundreds of bats alive. Bats represent about a third of the Israeli population of mammals. There are over thirty different species of bats living throughout Israel and they are a vital part of the ecosystem. Along the Jordan Rift Va

2nd Annual Champions of the Flyway Big Success

besides spotting a very good 157 species took the time to share valuable information before and during the race, put other teams on great birds (and mammals) and sacrificed their own time to help others. The team won a pair of Swarovski Optik SLC’s 10X50 that they will donate to a Birdlife pr

Army for the Protection of Nature

Army for the Protection of Nature Introduction The Army for the Protection of Nature is a partnership between SPNI and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The project challenges IDF commanders to develop meaningful initiatives to protect their country’s biodiversity while serving its

SPNI Roadkill Data Shows the Waze Forward for Wildlife Protection

s that cross authorized ecological corridors, such as Route number 70/75, east of the Carmel Mountain,” said Shmulik Yedvab, Director of SPNI's Mammals Center.  “The information streaming in from Waze users is an invaluable resource throughout this process and it illustrates the sev

Urban Nature Surveys in Arab Society: Spreading the Culture of Conservation

ban Nature Surveys Unit, which is comprised of a wide variety of professionals, such as ecologists, botanists, environmental planners, and experts on mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, wet habitats and marine environments, among others.  The SPNI Unit specializes in conducting surveys across

SPNI’s Nationwide Urban Nature Week Celebration

-Sheva – Tour of an abandoned quarry in the heart of the “Daled” neighborhood that has become a home to nesting birds, butterflies, mammals, and much more: Details   Friday, 8 March North Siach Creek, Haifa – Guided hike to one of the most beautiful creeks in Haifa al

A “Bio-Blitz” to Protect Israel’s Sahara Sands

red on thoroughly researching the area and monitoring its rich bio-diversity, including many animals such as reptiles, rodents, insects, butterflies, mammals and bats.  Working together with the public, SPNI experts from all ecological fields will survey the area and collect data that will be u

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m (the sparrowhawk at the end continues here in Hebrew) 9am  10 am (with walking tour of JBO)April 12th - The Secret Lives of Israel's Wild Mammals with Shmulik Yedvab Click here to watch the recording >>April 13th - Live Ringing at the Nili and David Jerusalem Bird Observatory

Upcoming and Recorded Webinars

the sparrowhawk at the end continues here in Hebrew) 9am  10 am (with walking tour of JBO) April 12th - The Secret Lives of Israel's Wild Mammals with Shmulik Yedvab Click here to watch the recording >> April 13th - Live Ringing at the Nili and David Jerusalem Bird Observato