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Mt. Meron

Mt. Meron The Mr. Meron field school is located 900 meters above sea level, in the heart of the highest nature reserve in Israel. The uniqueness of the field school comes from its location in the heart of a natural evergreen grove, which is characterized by lush vegetation and rare flow

Israel National Trail Passport

Israel National Trail Passport The Israel Trails Committee is now issuing Israel Trail passports, allowing hikers to collect stamps as they reach points of interest along the trail. Accumulating stamps along the way intensifies the experience, leaving hikers with a souvenir of their adv

Longest run on the Israel Trail takes off- 1009 Kilometers in 12 days

ziyon (78 km)Day 8: He will run to Tel Aviv (82 km)Day 9: He will run to Furadis (95 km)Day 10: He will run to Har Yona (78 km)Day 11: He will run to Mt. Meron (91 km)Day 12: He will run and conclude his journey at Kibbutz Dan (77 km)  The Israel National Trail, dedicated in 1995, is an in

Ecole Rurale Agricole de Meron

Ecole Rurale Agricole de Meron Nous n’avons pas eu beaucoup d’informations supplémentaires si ce n’est que cette Ecole Rurale Agricole, tout comme celle de Achziv préserve au maximum l’environnement qui l’entlésé. Toutefois, elle

Ecole Rurale Agricole de Achziv

Ecole Rurale Agricole de Achziv Située à deux pas de la mer, cette Ecole Rurale Agricole (école de terrain) héberge des familles, des jeunes ou des groupes dans un but bien défini : la sensibilisation à la nature. C’est pourquoi, comm

Snow In Israel

Snow In Israel Snow in IsraelDecember 2013"Unusual weather we're having, ain't it?" Stormy weather brought snow to Jerusalem and Mount Hermon in the North, while the Negev experienced flash floods and much of the country was inundated with torrential downpours. Photos from December 12,

Tale of the Wild Peony

Tale of the Wild Peony Thursday, April 17, 2014 Mount Meron Speaker(s): Guided by staff from the Galil Field School Contact: 057-200-3030 Fun for the whole family! (Appropriate for all ages) For only two weeks each year, in the month of April can the

Israel National Trail now Online on Google Street View

Israel National Trail now Online on Google Street View January 24, 2016 SPNI is thrilled to announce that as of 24.1.16  the Israel National Trail is available on Google Street View so that nature lovers and hikers can virtually explore every foot of the trail through pano

Army for the Protection of Nature

Army for the Protection of Nature Introduction The Army for the Protection of Nature is a partnership between SPNI and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The project challenges IDF commanders to develop meaningful initiatives to protect their country’s biodiversity while serving its

2016: A Successful Year for SPNI

2016: A Successful Year for SPNI January 23, 2017 SPNI celebrated many success on land, sea and in the air over the course of 2016.  Below are highlights of just a few completed and ongoing SPNI campaigns dedicated to the preservation of Israel’s greatest natural res

Ecological Impacts of Commercial Honey Bees on Wild Bees and Plants in Israel

buffer zone, honeybee hive density will be limited to four hives per 1 km2 during the four months of the main flowering season in spring (Mt. Hermon, Mt. Meron, and Northern Golan heights: March – June; The Mediterranean region: February – May; The desert: January – April). In nat

Nature Tours and Vacations, September - October 2018

Nature Tours and Vacations, September - October 2018 Family Trips and Activities Saturday, September 22 – The Prehistoric Caves at the Nahal Me'arot Nature Reserve Take a guided tour of this important UNESCO listed cave network, which served as the home of prehistoric humans

Dedication Opportunities

istoric Bet Ussishkin Nature Museum at the entrance to Tel Dan, or at our iconic Field Schools, on the slopes of Mt. Hermon, in the Golan Heights, at Mt. Meron near Safed, at Achziv on the Mediterranean Coast, or near Kfar Tavor in the lower Galilee. In the center; at our Field School and Birding Pa

Occasions de contributions à des causes importantes

e de Nature de Bet Ussishkin, ou dans nos emblématiques Ecoles de nature sur les pentes du Mt. Hermon, sur les Hauteurs du Golan, au Mt. Meron près de Safed, à Achziv sur la côte méditerranéenne, ou près de Kfar Tavor