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SPNI have understood, based on science and research, that fishing is the number one threat to our oceans. This is not to ignore other issues such as pollution, the fossil fuel industry, climate change, and invasive species. Over the last decade we have been fighting to implement the first reform of


tion was largely based on coal-fueled power stations, which have a high environmental impact mainly through atmospheric emissions contributing to air pollution and global warming. With the recent discoveries of natural gas in Israel’s economic waters there is now an opportunity to revolutioniz

SPNI Orienteering Arrives at the Knesset

and interesting ways. SPNI's Orienteering program changed my views on the environment around me. I am more aware of the dangers posed to the world by pollution make more responsible decisions every day.  Before I throw a piece of trash away, I think about separating out the recyclables. The tri

Mammal Conservation

eat. Fifty-seven of them (54%) are already endangered, and 9% of our mammal species are extinct. Development of open spaces, deforestation, pollution, illegal poisoning and hunting, are the main factors threatening these species. Breaking New Ground for Bat ProtectionOne third of Isra

Open Landscape Institute (OLI)

n has contributed to a drain on water resources, increased land usage for housing and industrial development, and major transportation congestion and pollution issues. No longer the pastoral setting exemplified by its kibbutzim and moshavim, Israel today is highly urbanized, with one of the world&rs

Ships, facilities for preventing sea pollution to be deployed on Mediterranean Coast

Ships, facilities for preventing sea pollution to be deployed on Mediterranean Coast December 12, 2012 The allocation of government funds to protecting the marine environment from potential harm posed by off-shore drilling is a direct result of SPNI's work over the past fe

Approche idéologique et approche culturelle

te;té nationale des eaux MEKOROT (acronyme hébraïque des mots "Développement de Ressources en Eaux").  Lutte contre la pollution En France, la recherche méthodique de solutions pour éviter la pollution des rivières se fait en amont pour permet

Approches Idéologiques et évolution technique dans chaque pays 1990-2002

iser des niveaux de traitement qui permettent de donner  la priorité à la protection des eaux souterraines.   Lutte contre la pollution En France, les normes imposées pour le traitement des eaux usées sont élargies : en plus de la pollution carbonat&

Comparaison des approches idéologiques à partir de 2002

llement (près de 50%) les nappes phréatiques exploitées pour la fourniture d'eau potable à la population. Lutte contre la pollution En France, -  Pas de changement caractéristique au niveau des normes. -  L'appel à la concurrence internationale res


e;able. -        Les eaux superficielles s'écoulent vers la mer et sont vulnérables à la pollution naturelle et sociale. Le processus d'écoulement des eaux souterraines est beaucoup plus lent et leur vulnérabilité &agr

A Surprising Beach Development

years ago, mostly due to the efforts of Israel’s environmental movement, has been a turning point in Israel’s protection against coastal pollution.  Despite Israel’s success in coastal protection, environmentalists continue to push for preservation of coastal lines in the fac

La décharge d'Hyria

ute;ries en l'absence d'oxygène. Ces gaz produiront ensuite de l'électricité. Cette méthode reduit la pollution causée par les centrales thermiques et réduit la quantité de déchets à stocker dans les décha

From Renewable Energy to Grey Water Usage, Major Parties Go Green

supported some amount of exportation while Yesh Atid and Meretz opposed any exportation.  Other issues that were also discussed were recycling, pollution penalties, transportation, preservation, animal rights, and the if the previous Knesset was successful at protecting the environment.Read th

Fish Talk

treasure, unique to the whole world. He hopes the film will be a useful educational tool to raise awareness of damage to the reef and prevent further pollution of Eilat Bay (the Gulf of Aqaba). "I struggled to find clean shots without garbage, such as cigarettes and plastic bags," he said. Ziggy sai

Restoring Hadera River

ver flows through about 50 miles of the Mediterranean coastal plain, flowing into the sea just north of Olga. The river suffered years of neglect and pollution due to accelerated urban development, turning into an ecological hazard. In 1982, after the construction of the power plant "Maor David" (no