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Har HaNegev

mous artists from all over Israel come to Har HaNegev Field School to teach unique workshops including dancing in the desert, painting in the desert, sculpture and multi-media art using natural found materials. Making a difference -- Har HaNegev Field School leads the campaign to protect t

Snow In Israel

Snow In Israel Snow in IsraelDecember 2013"Unusual weather we're having, ain't it?" Stormy weather brought snow to Jerusalem and Mount Hermon in the North, while the Negev experienced flash floods and much of the country was inundated with torrential downpours. Photos from December 12,

Mitzpeh Ramon

Mitzpeh Ramon Mitzpeh RamonAt the heart of the NegevMitzpeh Ramon, located in the heart of the Negev desert, is a small town on the edge of a unique geological formation. Makhtesh Ramon is a crater that was formed millions of years ago, not by the impact of a meteor but by a long proces