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Nature News Israel's Seaspiracy May 10, 2021 Seaspiracy in Israel  “The Blue Half”: SPNI’s Marine Project to Protect Nature and the Sea The... Read more » On Earth Day SP

Who We Are

vironmental non-profit organization. For over 60 years, SPNI has been dedicated to protecting and preserving Israel's natural resources, environment, biodiversity and unique landscape. The work carried out by SPNI now will determine what the land of Israel will look like for generations to come. Isr

Photo Gallery

region. It is part of one of the most beautiful contiguous open spaces in Israel. A vital part of Israel's ecological corridor, it helps to maintain biodiversity in the country. It is also a popular destination for mountain biking.Israel National TrailPhotos from the trailThe 1,009 km trail running


ronmental organization.  Since 1953, SPNI has worked to promote knowledge, love, and respect for the land among its citizens and abroad. A world biodiversity hotspot, with a rapidly growing population density, urban and rural development and a land mass the size of Wales, it is of critical impo

Nature News

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Photo Gallery 2012

Photo Gallery 2012 Here you will find a collection of photographs from nature in Israel. All of the photo albums below were comprised of pictures SPNI received in it's 2012 Photo Competition. Each photographer has received credit for their work and their photos are scattered throughout


Mission The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI) works to protect the open spaces and preserve the biodiversity of the land of Israel through environmental activism, education and eco-tourism.   SPNI's Environmental Protection Department: works with gover

Major Victories

SPNI's campaigns to protect Israel's environment, promote sustainable development, nurture environmental education and love of the land, and conserve biodiversity have been successful that one might wonder what our secret is! Check out SPNI's Victory Map, ask us about any of these inspiring stories,



Book Direct for SPNI

Book Direct for SPNI May 19, 2014 The Abraham Hostel in Jerusalem has launched a new Book Direct program, which shares some of its proceeds with charities, including the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel. By booking directly via the Abraham Hostel website visi


Biodiversity Israel is blessed with a rich variety of animals and plants, including many indigenous and endangered species, and is designated by conservationists as a world biodiversity hotspot. These hotspots are internationally recognized as the most important centers for global

SPNI Survey Finds Otters Critically Endangered

SPNI Survey Finds Otters Critically Endangered June 2, 2014 A survey published with the input of research from the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel found that the otter population throughout the country is dwindling, and in most places endangered. The survey invo

Success Preserving Holon Sand Dunes

preserve 4,000 dunams (1,000 acres) of sand dunes to be accessible as a public park. The Holon sand dunes represent a unique habitat with exceptional biodiversity, supporting a wide variety of plant and animal species that are endemic, occuring no where else on Earth. This special environment is a n

Invasive Species

ly, spread out, and have a direct impact on the many different ecosystems. Why are we so worried? Invasive species are one of the greatest threats to biodiversity: they come into a new environment where there are no factors in their natural control (predators, disease, etc.), and therefore may repro


idor. As a result, the plans for development, and even harmful expansion threaten this very ecological corridor, which fosters the presence of a rich biodiversity and provides an open passage to wild animals.  SPNI’s efforts in Modi’in are particularly critical and relevant now