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Who We Are

ternational conservation efforts will have the greatest effect. If you desire an Israel with open spaces, diverse wildlife, running streams of spring water, clean air, an Israel that your grandchildren will be able to enjoy, we need to invest now. For the sake of the future, “it is not incumbe

What We Do

ive SPNI’s activities and to create sustainable solutions to environmental issues in Israel. This includes developing energy policy, conserving water supplies, protecting Israel’s native species, participating in planning and zoning committees, coordinating public campaigns, lobbying and

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Support Us There are many ways that you can get involved with The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel. You can become a member, donate to us, leave a legacy in your name, invite a speaker from SPNI to come to your community in Israel, Canada or the US, include us in your Bar/

Israel National Trail

harsh and lovely Negev, still populated by wandering Bedouins and long-horned Nubian ibex and filled with wildflowers in the spring. There's not much water to drink along the way, though the trail crosses plenty of wet spots. It dips into the 600-foot-below-sea-level waves of the Sea of Galilee, fla


n Israel's breathtaking northernmost Mediterranean coast in the heart of the "Achziv Beach" nature reserve in the Western Galilee. Achziv's underwater sea life is an unexplored territory, waiting to be discovered, rich with octopi, kalamari, and squid. From the field school you can feel th


ch biodiversity and a properly functioning ecosystem are the foundations for humanity’s survival, providing us with clean air and oxygen, fresh water, food and medicine. A healthy environment is also important for the physical and mental health of society and helps foster a deeper relationship

Trail Angels

h, have opened their homes to Israel Trail hikers for showers, charging their cell phones, food and even accommodation. Trail Angels help hikers with water, frequently bringing water to points on the trail for dehydrated hikers who've called in for help. Click here to view Israel21c's article o

Invasive Species

may reproduce and spread uncontrollably. Invasive species can harm native species by predation or by spreading disease; competing for food, water and living spaces; thus driving native species from their natural habitats. Some invasive species affect the environment so dramatically that it

The Jesus Trail

re extensive archeological digs have been made. The next stop is the Wedding Church in Cana (Kfar Kana), where according to the gospels Jesus changed water to wine. The extinct volcano Horn of Hattin, where The Battle of Hattin between the Crusaders and Saladin’s army occurred, doubles as a sc

Tel Aviv-Yafo

ach school we work with, the program is tailored to the needs of the specific school. Topics covered include transportation, proper garbage disposal, water conservation and sources of polllution. We also run an educational program in conjunction with the Friends of the Swifts non-profit organization


s for all ages. A short drive takes you to rock climbing, rappelling, cable cars with a view of the entire region, a roller coaster, hiking and white water rafting. Accomodations: The field school comprises of 60 personal cottages, each containing a private bathroom, kitchenette, and a country-


s.  Nahal KatzrinNahal Katzrin, or the Katzrin Stream, runs within the boundaries of the field school. During the winter months, a bustling waterfall provides a steady flow of water as it flows downstream past the field school. Up until now, the banks of the stream have been difficult to a

Alon Tavor

eathtaking views its ideal location enables easy access to the following trails: family trails, experienced hiker trails, bike trails, trails through water, wildflowers and more that are located within walking distance or a short drive from the grounds.  Alon Tavor boasts an amazing natural set

Ein Gedi

Ein Gedi Situated in a most remarkable scenic spot overlooking both the Ein Gedi waterfalls and the Dead Sea, Ein Gedi Field School is surrounded by some of the most breathtaking desert wilderness trails in the Middle East. Ein Gedi National Park is known as a natural oasis, a well know


ire ecosystem. The marine ecosystem plays a crucial role in maintaining the health of our planet, including through carbon sequestration, maintaining water quality, and as a source of inspiration and pleasure. SPNI does not wish to see fishing totally banned but recognizes that it must be closely re