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s.  Nahal KatzrinNahal Katzrin, or the Katzrin Stream, runs within the boundaries of the field school. During the winter months, a bustling waterfall provides a steady flow of water as it flows downstream past the field school. Up until now, the banks of the stream have been difficult to a

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along the Hatira stream towards the green oasis of Ein Yarkam. From there, we will continue on to an observation spot overlooking the high (and dry) waterfall at the top of the Wadi. We will then hike the “fin trail,” which includes a 15-minute climb to a magnificent observation point.

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l; Overnight camping also available For more information, please click here.  -------------- Friday-Saturday, December 28-29 – Streams and Waterfalls of Northern Israel Enjoy a refreshing weekend in the Jordan River area.  We will hike through the Gamla Nature Reserve (home to the hi