Solar Field Schools: Dud Shemesh 2.0

The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI) together with George Kirby an MIT trained engineer with 40 years’ experience need your help to raise funds to upgrade the Dud Shemesh systems by installing (Photo-Voltaic-Thermal) PVT systems in SPNI’s nine Field Schools.

This project aims to showcase the potential of PVT systems to generate renewable electricity. It is estimated that PVT systems would reduce the electricity bill of each Field School by 20%.

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Upgrading the Dud Shemesh

Domestic solar hot water heaters are ubiquitous across Israel’s 4 million households. Commonly known as “Dud-Shemesh” these systems are made up of solar hot water panels connected to hot water tanks, piping, panel mounting frameworks, and electrical connections. It is relatively simple to replace solar hot water panel component of the dud shemesh with a PVT panel. A PVT panel would would enable the Dud Shemesh system to generate th electricity and hot water. 

About PVT Systems

Solar co-generation harvests electricity and hot water from a combined PVT panel in the same rooftop space. They can be simply retrofitted on existing system components in Israel.  Electrical generation efficiencies exceed those of solar panels alone, since the solar cells are prevented from overheating by heat transfer to the PVT water flow.  Electricity would be available for grid-feed-in, or directly to supply domestic communication and lighting power with battery backup (micro-grid). 

Acting to Prevent Climate Change

As part of Israel’s international commitment to reduce carbon emissions to prevent catastrophic climate change, Israel has committed to generate 17% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030. Due to Israel’s small size and status as a world biodiversity hotspot building large solar farms or wind turbines is incompatible with Israel’s other international obligations to protect biodiversity, in particular migrating birds. It is SPNI’s professional opinion that the most sustainable method of generating electricity from renewable sources is by placing solar panels on roofs.

SPNI’s Field Schools are located across Israel in all Israel’s climatic zones. The Field Schools provide nature education, conservation, and research programs unmatched in Israel to adults and entire classes of students. The Field Schools host tens of thousands of visitors year round providing high profile public exposure of this trial to all parts of society.

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