A Beautiful Israel

Launched in 2006 with support from the Schusterman and Pratt Foundations, this anti-littering educational project teaches children to take direct responsibility for the environment. SPNI believes that littering and neglect of the environment and nature is not an individually-based phoenomenon but a symptom of a much larger societal trend that can be changed and improved. Through teamwork, mutual respect, and assistance, the children gain a heightened awareness of their environment and a deeper understanding of the social impact of littering. 

Operating in nearly a dozen cities throughout Israel, the program model integrates classroom learning, educational field trips, mapping of the surroundings and, ultimately, the school's adoption of a local natural site to maintain and cultivate.

The Israeli Ministries of Education and Environmental Protection have approved and adopted the curriculum developed by SPNI's "A Beautiful Israel" education team. Today, the content is implemented in all elementary schools in Israel. Thus, agtain, a small program initiated by SPNI has been adopted nation-wide.  

Annual Children's Conference

The pinnacle of the environmental education programs culminates at the Annual Children's Conference. Each year, the conference brings together thousands of children, teachers, principles, and SPNI guides around a specific environmental topic. The conference provides a platform for sharing ideas, experiences and knowledge gained throughout the year.