For over 50 years SPNI's modest urban branch in Hadera has worked to protect the nature in the Hadera area and educate local residents of its wonders and hidden secrets. SPNI-Hadera has worked in cooperation with SPNI's Environmental Protection Division for many years on the Coastal Campaign, collecting signatures for petitions, submitting objections to unsustainable building plans in Kfar HaYam, and successfully preventing an outrageous 10 story addition (which would have totally blacked out the view to everyone but hotel guests) to an enormous 22-story hotel in the 90s. Between 2005 and 2007 SPNI-Hadera worked with other community groups to influence Hadera's new Master Plan in a sustainable way, to preserve the city's open spaces by ensuring that they were properly represented in the final plans. They spoke on behalf of the city's special Australian Eucalyptus Forest (Hadera Forest); these trees are constantly being cut down by uninformed residents for firewood.


Park HaSharon Campaign

Aside from Hadera's Eucalyptus Forest, there are several groves of eucalyptus trees in neighboring Park HaSharon – and these groves are in real danger. Some of the groves are technically on private property adjacent to the park, and were planted for the purpose of periodic harvest and sale, yet these fingers of privately owned land jut into the actual park's perimeter, thus disrupting the serene natural views with those of a clear-cutting operation. The law permits this, but residents who care for these trees call SPNI-Hadera to defend the trees.


Free Guided Tours of Park HaSharon!

Every year from January to mid-March, SPNI-Hadera runs free guided tours in Park HaSharon, to show off the seasonal wetlands, sand dunes, wildflowers (irises, anemones, cyclamens), the eucalyptus groves, magnificent gravel flats, explain the history of the park and the area and the environmental dangers to the park and area.


Hadera-area nature tours

SPNI-Hadera offers guided nature tours of the natural beaches and the bay, the Australian Eucaptus Forest, and Wadi Ara. Some of these tours include both Jewish and Arab (from Hadera's neighbors in Um ElFahem) Israelis, who learn together to appreciate our common natural treasures.


The Historic Kotler House – a Green Community Center for Hadera

Built in 1896, the Kotler House is one of the oldest historic houses in Hadera. In 1990 the Hadera Municipality promised SPNI-Hadera the Kotler House for use as a Green Community Center. After many years of bureaucracy and internal government negotiations, Israel's Supreme Court decided to transfer the building to the Municipality for the specific use of SPNI-Hadera as a Green Community Center in November 2007. In March of 2013, SPNI-Hadera moved to its new home in the Kotler House.

After extensive restoration and preservation efforts for more than two years, SPNI-Hadera has succeeded in converting the building to a vital hub of environmental work in the area, offering meetings and lectures to the local community and a wide array of activities for children.


Nature Club Events Every Shabbat (from November – June)

Hadera-area children learn about plants, wildlife, orienteering and environmental issues in the region. The Graceful Warbler Club (from ages 5-7) meets one a month and children bring one parent along and they learn about something different about nature while enjoying Hadera's natural wonders for three hours. The Youth Trek Club (from ages 8-11) sets out once a month, to trek in nature all over the country. Every year the last trek involves camping in nature. Lower-income families from a variety of backgrounds can't afford to pay for these groups and there are currently no scholarships for these children.