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Nature Israel provides support for the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI), Israel’s oldest and largest independent nonprofit environmental organization.  Your support helps establish Nature Israel as a green beacon of hope for the world.

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Hundreds of millions of birds migrate between Europe, Asia, and Africa twice each year. Today, Israel is the lone refueling station left on their grueling journey. But Israel’s habitats are disappearing. Without them, the consequences will be devastating. Learn how you can support our innovative project to help.


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Green Blue Deal for the Middle East — Advancing Cooperation on Water and Energy; Rehabilitating the Jordan River and Dead Sea

Join us for a live webinar with esteemed environmental activist Gidon Bromberg, founder and director of Eco Peace Middle East, who will discuss threats posed by the climate crisis to stability in the Middle East and the need for cooperation to build region-wide resilience.

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