Nature Based Solutions to Climate Change

The Middle East is warming at twice the global average. Israel is increasingly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

Israel Faces a Severe Threat

With extreme storms expected to become the new normal, the densely populated cities along the Mediterranean coast, where 65% of Israelis live, are susceptible to flooding and rising sea levels. Severe weather has caused injury and death, and caused hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage to civilian and military infrastructure.

We’re Fighting Back

SPNI is ardently engaged on every front to prepare this small country for warmer temperatures. Over the last decade, SPNI has taken a leadership role in creating sector-wide change, including nature-based solutions to control urban flooding. Our recent successful campaigns have revolutionized the management of Israel’s marine environment, fishing industry, and open spaces.

Start-Up Nature

SPNI’s Start-Up Nature project exemplifies one nature-based solution to climate change by focusing on restoring degraded ecosystems to enhance carbon sequestration and build resilience against climate impacts. By engaging local communities, the project fosters stewardship and delivers co-benefits for biodiversity conservation and community well-being. Through these efforts, Start-Up Nature not only mitigates climate change but also contributes to the preservation of natural habitats and the sustainability of ecosystems, ultimately promoting a more resilient and environmentally sustainable future.

Help Us Be an Even More Powerful Force

We are Israel’s strongest advocates for the environment and aggressively lead planning and regulatory development processes, bridging all spheres of influence — the government, NGOs, and the public. Join with 30,000 members households in Israel to be an even more powerful force for stemming the effects of a warming world.