Our eco-friendly tours, sites, and activities offer a unique blend of adventure and environmental consciousness. Immerse yourself in the rich biodiversity of Israel while contributing to the conservation efforts led by SPNI.


Add a nature experience to your group’s Israel trip, plan your own private guided tour, or sign yourself up for one of our preplanned day trips. We promise you an unforgettable experience that will bring you closer to Israel and its beautiful nature, whether you are planning a trip, or already in Israel.

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Nature Israel Tours

Nature Israel Tours are trips created for people that want to visit Israel and are interested in nature, wildlife, and/or conservation and environmental sustainability. Our tours take you on a fully planned trip to experience beautiful natural open spaces that SPNI protects, as well as special urban nature sites where you can view native animals and migrating birds. Nature Israel tours are co-led by SPNI staff and feature SPNI sites, programs, and learning about the history and achievements.

Add SPNI to Your Itinerary

Enhance your trip itinerary by including nature-focused activities and sites with SPNI. Take your group to explore Israel’s natural reserves, hiking trails, and ecological hotspots in the country’s diverse and preserved landscapes. From birdwatching to eco-friendly tours, incorporating these SPNI locations and programs can provide a unique and environmentally conscious dimension to your travel experience.

SPNI Sites

SPNI sites consist of Start-Up Nature rewilded wetlands, urban nature sites, and field schools. Field schools are dynamic nature opportunities, offering hands-on environmental education. The Start-Up Nature rewilded wetlands blend innovation with conservation, and provide unique and sustainable experiences. Urban nature sites include the Jerusalem Bird Observatory, the International Birding and Research Center in Eilat, and Gazelle Valley; all of which showcase SPNI’s commitment to wildlife preservation and sustainable urban development.

Upcoming Day Trips & Activities in Israel

A visit to the Zoological collections of Hebrew University – 7/24

We will visit the ornithological collection at the Hebrew University and learn how the collection helps scientists to answer a wide variety of questions.

Past Day Trips & Activities in Israel