SPNI’s Oct 7th Response & Solidarity Activities

From October 7th through December, SPNI provided emergency housing to 2,000 displaced families from the Gaza envelope and northern Israel who had to flee their homes. SPNI housed these families for free in its field schools in various safe locations across Israel, and gave them full board and an astounding array of educational and recreational activities. SPNI also provided these nature educational and recreational activities for families who were housed in hotels, unable to return to their homes. These programs are what evolved into the Nature Heals program which is now the recipient of all “emergency response” funding.

Sheltered families free of charge

Families from evacuated from the war zone in S’derot and Ofakim were housed in southern field schools.

Provided educational and recreational content for evacuees across the country

SPNI guides provided regular activities to pre-schoolers, school children, youth and adults, contributing an alternative reality and stability to children who survived traumatic events. Families participated in short tours and trips, lectures on nature and astronomy, and activities related to nature and the environment.

Today, SPNI is additionally providing the following as a part of its solidarity work to care for the people of Israel.

Nature Heals


This program includes free nature trips and hikes for all ages. There are also special Wilderness Youth Camps, hosted at the Hatzeva and Mitzpe Ramon field schools, which are designed especially for traumatized teens.

Education Solidarity


The Ein Gedi and Eilat field schools have become the official hosts of the schools for  Kibbutz Beeri and other destroyed kibbutzim respectively until the end of the school year. This program is supported by the Ministry of Education. 

Soldier Housing


SPNI’s northern field schools, several of which are now in closed military zones, are housing reserve soldiers called up to duty in northern Israel whose assigned bases do not have anywhere for them to sleep. *This activity is supported solely by Israeli donors.

Field School Refuge


SPNI’s remaining field schools in areas that are safe from rocket fire, remain open to host (and subsidize if need be) Israelis looking for respite in nature.