Upcoming Events

Jay Shofet at Or Zarua – 2/10 at 11am in New York, NY

Join us in New York City for a two-part talk with Jay Shofet, senior environmentalist.

Bus Tour: Dance of the MacQueen’s Bustard – 3/10 at 6am in Jerusalem

Spring is the time for the dance of the iconic MacQueen’s Bustard in the Negev Desert, as the males display to attract a female.

Nature of Shore and Highlands – 3/11 at 6am on the Carmel Coast

Learn how SPNI is protecting habitat in the oceans and along the coast as well as reconstructing valuable wetlands for the millions of migrating birds that pass through the area every year.

English Bird Club Walk in Tel Tzora – 3/15 at 7am in Jerusalem

Join the English Bird Club as we explore the Tel Tzora and fields and ponds of Kibbutz Tzora.

Soaring with the Vultures – 3/18 at 6am in Sde Boker and Mitzpe Ramon

Get a vulture eye’s view of the fantastic Zin Canyon and the amazing Ramon Crater on this trip to the
Negev Desert.

English Bird Club Walk in Drezner Grove – 3/19 at 8am in Tel Aviv

This month the Bird Club will visit the a large open area in north Tel-Aviv.

An Urban Nature Tour of Jerusalem – 3/25 at 7am in Jerusalem

Explore the greener side of the Holy City of Jerusalem.

Past Events